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Our Services

The CIC gives you access to a host of resources, mentorships, programs, events, learning opportunities and funding opportunities to help build your business in all stages of growth.

Get Inspired

Looking for ideas? Want to join others in creating ? The CIC partners with regional supporters to offer  educational lectures, workshops, and other inspiring opportunities that can help you spark your business ideas.

We can also also help connect you with business resources and mentors. These services are open to everyone

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Incubate Your Business

Grow your business through the CIC. Want to grow your business? The CIC’s incubator services are open to everyone, and include coaching, funding, free Technology Innovation Management Courses from Carleton University and the opportunity to participate in Venture Demo Days—the pitching event that could give you entry into the Lead to Win program (see Accelerate Your Dreams).

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Accelerate Your Dreams

If you’re an entrepreneur with a high-growth potential business, we invite you to apply and to pitch your idea for Lead to Win. If accepted into the program, you’ll have access to a menu of resources and amenities including mentoring, funding, sale and marketing support, workspace and access to wellness amenities—designed to help you succeed.

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Our Amenities

The CIC has everything is in place to help you and your business thrive.
  • Community

    At the CIC, you’ll join a community of people committed to helping you innovate and grow. We foster a truly collaborative and supportive environment. You’ll be surrounded by mentors, partners, investors, developers, customers and friends.

  • Lead to Win

    The CIC is powered by Carleton’s award-winning accelerator program, designed to catapult your startup into a $1-million venture. If you’re accepted into the program, you’ll have access to all the high-level resources and guidance you need to succeed.

  • Workspaces

    Lead to Win entrepreneurs do business in dynamic co-working spaces with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as a number of private office spaces and meeting rooms. Whatever the stage of your company’s growth, the CIC can meet your space needs.

  • Mentoring

    The CIC gives you access to our network of experts who are passionate about helping you advance your dreams. Our mentors can advise you in all aspects of your business including sales and marketing, technology, finance and beyond.

  • Events, Training & Courses

    Tap into a range of learning opportunities at the CIC—everything from hackathons to keynote speaker presentations; educational workshops to Technology Innovation Management courses from Carleton University.

  • Funding

    Ventures with the potential to compete on the global stage can turn to the CIC for connections to the right funders, investors and partners. Check in with the CIC to get recommendations on funding opportunities and financial resources in the area.

  • Wellness

    At the CIC, entrepreneurs come to work—and play. Our location at the NAV CENTRE, a state-of-the-art facility nestled in 70 acres of parkland, gives access to outdoor spaces, a pool, fitness area, and great food options. Work here, play here.

  • Why Cornwall?

    The CIC draws on the region’s deep history of industry and innovation, capitalizing on Cornwall’s standing as a major distribution hub. Cornwall is an affordable city on the US border that is only an hour away from Ottawa and Montreal.

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